Oganic Agriculture with N-function system Make Money with Public Company

Somsak Artavan P.E.774,  chose  to  be a senior professional  civil engineer, came  from the farming family, paddy and fruits farming on hundreds of Rais (about 50 Hectare) in Thamai District, Chantaburi Province, in the east of Gulf of Thailand, in childhood  mostly rely on grandma's halo. Which is a relative to the  old family  of Vejjajiva at Ploywan Mt. District. The granma always took me along  to a short-term-stay in different provinces, when I was young.
Before I finished  6th grade studying, I  focused and prepared myself to attend a famous preuniversity school, just close to the Chulalongkorn University's campus at Phayathai District. After finishing the preuniversity school there,I succeeded  the entrance examination to further my study in the faculty of Civil Engineering in Chulalongkorn UniversityOnce graduated, starting to  practice the engineering professional among the international engineers since 1963, such as Jewishian, red-chinese, white-Russian, Australian, English man, Newzealandian, Turkishian, and Hongkongian,Singaporean,Cannadian, Philipinoes. During the Vietnam war   more..

I've got  the opportunity to do a business, aggressively   with  AIBIZNET  plc for 4 years under the  leader of our President, the professional family medicine doctor, and dermatologist expert, and the successful businessman for 25 years in a very big business family  Many distributors, and the agricultural experts.  With a decisive position commitment to develope innovative, with  a modern innovations of the energy level, the  atomic biotechnology, that is the environmental friendly. To reduce the  production costs for farmers from the results of the leading edge research with siblings of different plants.  Across all regions in all seasons has the magic results for our brothered farmers throughout the 13-year research, the setting  goal in the inventor's mind  has never change.*

The commitment to reduce the production costs for farmers around the country have been our goal, with a strong will.  The innovation supplyer and our President  have got the same attitude to help the farmers effectively  with a high efficiency, both parties have been combinded the same  public viglory to achieve the goal in a near future New  agriculture innovation supplyer  of the N-Function system and  the  e-commerce marketing, to focus in the nation's basic economic recovery.  Directly associated with population not less than 32 million, the easy distribution and cheap through out the country

 With safety  for the  users and consumers as well Affordable at  the same price across the country. That  is the main Policy of Thai Farmers' Debt Releasing.  And continuing mission to Liberate a nation  of  Farmers' Debt Releasing  with  the ainews1 system, a strategy team and the past 2 years experiences and much modern innovation of Mr.Saroch Boonthong with any ones around the world are unprecedented.

Our President Dr.Somruedee Auesudkij has created the most reliable  Bridge across the river bank over thousand of million baht  with healthy and wealthy for all of us to walk over or using any type of vehicles to your life target.  It's up to the consideration of the individual potential business man  to reach healthy and wealthy in their lifes.

In addition to the mission, to help Thai farmers for   debt releasing,  ainews1.com site  also provided a variety of wealthy business, to the preferences of the individual. The ainews1 the marketing promotion site, and a distribution arm of the aibiznet Plc. brand of health supplement, and the agricultural main function on the atomic biotechnology, providing the monthly energy for all kinds of plants  for  local and world wide markets to support the low cost organic food with a premium grade quality Reaching the orientation with  the whole opportunities,  by clicking here, then inviting every body to return back to this page again 

Our main mission is to help our brothered  farmers around the country on their debt  releasing. That all of  you are welcome to team up with us The  combination of 11 million labours and another   21 million farmers in the agricultural sector are waiting for our help, the farmers have both on and off lending system, and  normal  debt  alltogether,  about  8 billion baht 

Beside some teachers have the questions, could  they join the debt releasing program too? Yes, some categories can suit  them too. The solution shown in the clicking here spot.  In fact, some businessmen  who lost  their business for several million baht.  Would rise up to a new life at aibiznet again. With in a short  time,  both creditors and debtors are happy  Consequently, some of  them  shared  the wonderful  experiences  next  to  this  page

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The prominent factors those will help Farmers Debt Releasing  are mainly a wonderful innovation from Mars, and the incredible e-commerce system, and distributor teams,  the products subject to the discovery and trial work with researches in various crops in every region,  and in every season. That can reduce the production costs  for our brothered farmers.  Truly, 

  • Lower down the production costs with simultaneously increasing productivity. 
  • Help shortening  the harvest time, and extended the longer period of additional harvesting, without a repeat of new cultivation, such as pepper reproduction of three times with the wonderful organic production, and etc 
  • Achieve the farmers planning to crop and harvest at the opptimum time of marketing demand
  • Encurage the blooming of flowers and the pollination at the right timimg
  • None toxic productive to any kind of the agriculture
  • Farmers could afford the excellent products with more cheaper cost in large farm
  • Only the energy, monthly refill needed for the plants
  • With no Green House effect 
  • Environmental friendly.

All achievements as shown above of the N-Function system, among the agricultural experts agreed that, The acknowledgement is hardly found in anywhere on this world To get both the production supplyer and marketing distributors  to simultaneously agreed to use the same policy to release the farmers' debt, totally at 8 billion baht  For the curious interest.  Unperturbed invited to follow this on the next page.

* Agricultural expert and leading academic in Thailand  Mr. Saroch Boonthong.

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