Commitments of ainews1 team and Distributors

Worry eradication

Today many people  are on a downward economy trend  around the world.  On the other side, there are around 1 million web sites providing the method of practicing the meditation, base on the teaching of the Lord of Buddha, most of the advices by the foreingners  in developing countries, the technocrats  who studied and practiced, and have the kindness to help some other people to know  the nature of lifes, why more and more people look for the light of wisdom, what they are facing with more.

  • The first mission to helpThai farmers'debt releasing over the country along with  the new agricultural invention  to lower down the production costs and  increase the non-toxic productivity,  with the premium quality  for  the  consumers around the world. Using the science and art,  to work proactively.  With  explaination in details to our  distributor teams of  ainews1. To understand and appreciate the advanced Atomic Biotechinology  products  and the field operations clearly into their minds, how to help releasing the Thai farmers' debt.  Before taking the action to help farmers solving their  problems.  With   abundant  more money  to save.  With more  healthy life and free of  toxic in the agricultural occupation for both in food production and the consumers.  Allows the farmers' families  to reduce the  burden cost of health care.  Help the Thai people to afford  more  revenue  for  their savings..... read more.


  • Innovation of time reversing.  The By-product of self-loving  healthcare    The innovations' time to speak  out of  time reversing  for those interested in health as a  byproduct.   For the example, from multiple healthcare group to get a satisfying results. Especially our company's President, the professional family doctor gives us the consciousness of her importance researches on rice bran 12 years ago, at that time the patients called her big jar doctor aunt  with blister  weight 72 kg ... read more.


  • Next section is about physical and psychological health is a core business of aibiznet since the year 2004 After  the company President finished the rice bran research In  this section we are looking  to our consumers to be healthy, and a happy mind Introducing  them to know and appreciate  the miracle of the nature, which most of us  forgot, the Rice bran in paddy Which has been taking care for human by the Paddy Angel for quite a long time  to help us stay away from any illness Rice bran has got so several groups of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for  cells repairing throughout the body almost completely.  Aibiznet  has been given the  opportunity to the people to maintain their good health. From satellite  TV around the country directly from the  company president, a medical professional speaker live. To give them the  knowledge in health care by medical theory to the public for free.

And also address the members with a free broadcast To solve health problems for enthusiasts the same problem free. It is intend as a charity, to reduce costs and time to a health care service for the members and public as well,  both within our country and other interesting all over the world by board band internet, to help a  human  quality of life until the last day Who can taking care themself  without  a burden to their family member.

Add on the additional channel to increase a family incomes. We'll help caulk your family income, as well as in skin care and beauty to both the  external and the internal of your mind. Consciousness gives you the maximum commitment from our  President of aibiznet more than a regular family doctor, then she is also an expert on the dermatologists.  Provide free medical advisor to the family of aibiznet and Thai people nationwide through more than 200 cable TV and the Thai people living in any country  around the world, to  known cause of health problems.  And how to resolve the problems  with TV servicing  for 24 hours.


  • Grateful Child to their parernt. It is a special policy from our  President. To encourage more income and  creating a warmth in the family.   For those children to express their gratitude to the parent,  like a bouncing ball  from the net work with his own effort, Devoting to their parent every day, taking their opportunity likes devoting an alms to the saint in his home, accumulating the goodness result to spring up his life.  Which should be planning at the beginning for every religious. For the sake of  their parent to appreciate their child  forever.


  • Quality Family.  Concerning  factors  needed  for a quality family.

             1 The elder mercy and  their hearts stay tune with Brahmavihara 4.

          2 Staying in an appropriate social environment. 

          3 Sufficiency economy to sustain the normal health and the important factor more.


  • Group of communication tools. The President's family had got the first concession of ITV So the company's president has gained the knowledge and the management of satellite TV station, and cable TV as well That is the good reson she  has been conducted the first satellite television station in the network business out of thousands of other network owners.  No one else has their own satellite TV station to promote their business, even basic TV stations are still in the contemplation only.  Must be applaud the wide visibility of our president, using  the TV media to provide insight on health, and the net work business simultaneously across the country to every home directly and precisely. And around the world via the board band Internet, access to the home audience effectively.  In addition, distribution plate has a contract for another 50 free TV channels. To make the market more affordable with 50% cost cut  to be used  to  up grade the individual business.  When purchasing a satellite antenna, for creating network business should see the opportunity here. When clients receive different understanding of  health and other products from direct TV satellite media. With live lectures from our president  regularly every week.  Anyone  would like to listen of good health directly from a medical professional The channel details  traffic study is  available here.


  • Latest Business Group.  Money working is a favorite item plus full value of  selected useful company's products, a patented and the fruitful research collaboration of the world class When every investor keep working in a harmony of group cooperation up to 10 layers for each person, within 10 weeks Using the basic of  multiple 1 to 2, to each person to  up to 10 layers,  Each group leader of the organization will get a recurring revenue 70,000 baht each day, or 2 million baht per month But the investment in this catagory only allowed only one code for each person For a big family who understand and appreciated this type of  the investment  with low risk could  work together in a group,  to gain more income every month.

Now aibiznet has been opened up a new branch in many countries included in USA, using the e-commerce system Anyone who trusted our company's growth can start their own net work in each country, one by one Actually, it is a wonderful chance of Thai people who stay at those country, to start their net work business first, and bring the local people to join in Any new member who interested, ainews1 team is ready to support.