Atomic Biotechnology Acquaintance

The  Atomic Biotechnology  appllied to the 'N-Function' is much more complex  than a  Nano Technology.  Mr. Saroch Boonthong's  advanced  research  came  up with the New  Innovation  of  the      'N-Function'.  The neccessary energy, the plants needed, has been  activated  into  the concentrated admixture.  On one set  (about  1.5 kilograms)  can cover up the farm land  from 6,400 - 12,800 sq.meters.  It's functions  work  most  likely  as  the  Nuclear Agriculture.   

To enhance the plants those have got the energy from the N-Function  for growing up continuousely 24 hours  with  fully nutrients, enzymes, minerals, etc. The extract concentration in 'N-Function'  to be diluted with plain water,  before sprays  to any parts of  the plant of all kinds, even the banana's leaf,  no need  to rely  on the stomata, because these special  admixture is the atomic biotechnology, could  go through the epidermis directly to the plants' tissue. 

The  admixtures can be totally  absorbed into the plant  tissue  within half  an hour or fourty minutes,after sprayed on,  without  any sticking agents, make it easier to use, getting  a  transportation benefit  than using  any  fertilizer.  The 'N-Function' system helps the farmers to save the production costs  at  4-5 times than the normal practice on chemical fertilizer, yielding more valuable natural  products, a non-toxic one, and consuming less harvest  time,  with none of  any fertilizer  can achieve this goal  so far.  

Plants can store the energy from the 'N-Function' for a month with a proper dilution, ready to supply the raw material  to the photosynthethic cells  on the sunny day,  the plant  take a photosynthesis right away  after the 'N-Function' was sprayed in the early morning, that why the vegetables become a  green color in the afternoon, supporting  the fertile  plants'  life cycle. 

On the deteriorated soil, the 'N-Function' system can enhancing the healthy plants' life cycle, due to the reversing  energy supply directly to the leaves, down to the roots  within in a very short time, with a minimum loss to the energy that to be integrated into the admixture, and without any microorganisms  process  needed, and symultanously    improving  the soil condition and getting a clear water  promoting for the fishes  coming back  to our paddy field,  in such the same way we got  in the past  30 years, and no Green House Effect,,  and  gradually coming  back to the fertile soil  once again.   

Those  are  the new  techniques of the 'N-Function' system  to take the wonderfull functions to speed up the growth of any plant in any season, and enriching the environment.  And finally making the farmers' debt releasing  within a short  time, curing  the big problem to all of them.

Actually in the cool season, the farmers have got so many problems, It is slowing  down the growth of their farms, and  making  the production shortage.   Now using the 'N-Function' system, the farmers' plants  can  growing up with a flying colors in the cool season.  For example  the asparagus' famers get the outcome products  to export as normal,  with the impossible practice on the other  farmers  without  the  'N-Function' system

The 'N-Function' is not working alone like any fertilizer, it' s got the n-1, to help the plants  to tolerate the abruptly changing evironment  each day, that shocking the plant to grow up smoothly, another assistant the n-2 its duty to encurage the tissue to generate at all time, day and night.  The additional n-1 and n-2, are not available in any other fertilizer.

In one set of the 'N-Function' , we provided the Green Fast to promote the chlorophyll  like a urea but has no Green House Effect  as  urea did, the green fast help the leaves greeny  in a few days, to improve  a high efficiency  of  photosynthesis.  And in this set  there is another bottle of  Acting, the important function of Acting to speed up the decompost  of  the straw, to prevent  the root  fungus, and bottom trunk damage by the fungi, to speed up the seedling sprout  to  come out  faster, and  the rooting system to progress  longer  and  faster, then speeding up the growth of plants, so the Acting promotes the  tissue a  progressive growth of any plant, right at the beginning  through the  crop ending. 

The main purposes of Mr. Saroch (the N-Function researcher and the supplyer) and  aibiznet's  target  merge to the same thing for the Thai farmers  to help reducing the production cost and symultanously getting the more premium agriculture productions to all kind of plants, hence to release the Thai  farmers' debt.

That why the 'N-Function'  system can shorten up the havest  time  with  less production cost, and  enhancing  the non-toxic agricultural production with a premium quality and to be friendly to the environment.

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