Thai farmers' debt releasing teams

The distributors in this section can start the business as a private, team, or a company The private member can register in one code only, after study our compensation plan, to gain more benefit for the whole of your family in the future, you can start register for all of them as the member first, no need to register into the business position on the same time, just only you to select any business position to start with For a group or party, you can start most likely  the same way as the family, just appoint any one to be the first  business registered, some other to join on left and right hand side the same pattern shown in the company's compensation plan, or the plan, just start as the member, 250 baht for each, for a whole life member, for every one, shoule be required Consequently, for  the mature net work of any code, the monthly commission at about  2-3 million Baht, the transaction every week, after full fill the daily net work ceiling at  60,000 PV on both sides.

The mission of this section to be integrated into alternative rehabilitation of agricultural farmers.  Return to the natural way with the Atomic Biotechnology, the  environmental  friendly.  With no toxic residues in any production.  Now Thailand  has been  imported  the  chemical fertilizer, chemical protection of insects  and fungi totally at  3 billion Baht  every  year With unfortunately,  the exportors  has  declined  to buy back  any  agricultural  to their countries

What is that means? They exactly known  that,  there  are some toxic left  in our  agricultural products  using their chemical  fertilizers Leaving the Thai farmers  with no  knowledge from the government concerned  and  less  awareness  to  the most of  the  consumers  for  40 years. 

Our  business development, and how to manage our own net work to get  the optimum benefit.  And  utilising  of various facilities of  the aibiznet , that  has been invested  more than 1,000 million Baht (2009), which the ainews1's teams can register to the site, and symultanously get a free subdomain web site after returning back to ainews1, to help you to promote your business expansion all over the world 24 hrs, once they got  the aibiznet ID, (aibiznet's a wide range of registration for every one to select those shown in the compensation plan) then enable to study the necessary documents in the MEMBER SEMINAR  menu, including the important field experiences in the varieties of plants'crop, in different zone of Thailand Before anyone decided to join the ainews1's team They are going to ask for the sponsor's  ID, from getting  the sponsor ID's menu, and  waiting for the answering email, before going  to register to  for any selected business position of  the member 

Then return back to the  at  Free sub domain menu  to get a free subdomain site and start  the orientation courses, or studying our ready made bridges to run  over  to your successful of your 1st code up to 2-3 million baht a month, infront of other your family  codes, if you've been registered any before at only 250 baht/code, a life time member, these family member codes, are waiting for a future development, to  maximize  profit  to your  family net work, activing  only  you alone, or working  together with  a few  family  members to accomplish  the monthly income as yours There are some of our members've  been  succeeded on this planning  ahead right  after the first code registered    

Potential of products in this category  is totally a modern innovation of the future fertilizer. Through the discovery and  research across all over Thailand, in any season, for the last 13 years, and finally  to match up with the  e - commerce marketing  of  the aibiznet public company  with no competitors so far, with more details at an article12.html. Every item of the 'N-Function' is the environmental friendly

All products of N-Function.

  1. The convenience of  using, safe, cheap with good performance. Reduce production costs of farmers.
  2. Improve the productivity, to be the first piority needed for the market. The  buyers  will ask for 'N-Function' productions first. Out standing colors and bright luster, and keeping fresh for a longer  period.
  3. Accelerate the harvest  to about  5-10% The farmers can plan ahead  to get their crop at the peak marketting demand at any season Enhancing the farmers to get many times of more income of their crop Speeding of debt releasing to the farmers This advantage has no compettition in any other fertilizers.
  4. And  farmers also need to meet their challenge. No any toxic residues. No interruption of an export  to any developing country.
  5. Must be environmental friendly, through a complete loop of agricultural  production, above and underneath the ground.
  6. Prevent disaster from the nematodes. Silent epidemic that spreads rapidly across the region. Damaging to the farmers crop during the  drought  period,
  7. Bio-natural  weed control will be available in the beginning  of  2010

The above topics are the answers  from the 'N-Function'  system  to be supported  by  the  e - commerce marketing of the aibiznet public company, to help Thai farmers all over the country to get the 'N-Function's products at the same price, which available from our distributors only The capabilities of the 'N-Function' has no competitors right now That  why the leading businessmen want to do this particularly  this type of  business.

The 'N-Function' 'has  been  finishing the researches  into every region of Thailand during the past 13 years, in every season for the vegetables, fruits and etc.   The  owners of the farms and the gardens, those have trialed  the 'N-Function' with a very much appreciated. The 'N-Function' has been helping  them to get a better way of life They still keep using  the 'N-Function' up to now

And even greater savings    in  the subsequent  rounds.  Due to the last season the trees have stored  plenty of the  energy from the 'N-Function' This energy reservation spares  for the next season Which our  farmers are not accustomed to this type of the phenomenonThat comes to the truth, why they need less 'N-Function' for the next crop. This is an extraordinary of the 'N-Function' A brand new future practical  for Thai agricultural

There is a good news for the rubber farms'owners, the 'N-Function' can successfully save lives of rubber tree 20 years old with no latex to become a normal again within a few months, no need to replace with the new one. Helping the farmers save lots of time and money  ...more detailed here.

In the official web site of the 'N-Function' , ,    There are so many videoes from the farmers sharing their experiences of the 'N-function' It is interesting to take a visit to these ones for many kinds of farming and gardens, The owners of  these farms have got the successful of debt releasing with the flying colors   

The above topics make a strong challenge  to any  people  who incidentally  know  about  the 'N-Function' at the first time, it is totally change the old stye of practicing of agriculture The 'N-function' system comes to help, both reducing the production costs and simultanneously to improve the soil condition  and the environmet, the farmers can get a good results in their first crop, beside the crucial soil condition they are facing with, no need to wait for another 3-5 years to improve the soil properties to gain the nutrient or fertile soil for all kinds of their plants.

It is such a good chance for every body to speed up their study the total system of the 'N-Function'  to make them ready to take their actions to help the farmers in debt releasing. From the results of their intensive reduce production costs and increase productivity, the health safety, the  by product, both the farmers and the consumers with  none  toxic  products  and not forget  to try the products by your own  plants around  your resident first  and  distributed the diluted 'N-Function' to your neighbors a trial.  And follow-up after 10-15 days.

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