Innovation of time reversing.  The By-product of self-loving  healthcare    The innovations' time to speak  out of  time reversing  for those interested in health as a  byproduct.   For the example, from multiple healthcare group to get a satisfying results. Especially our company's President, the professional family doctor gives us the consciousness of her importance researches on rice bran 12 years ago, at that time the patients called her big jar doctor aunt  with blister  weight 72 kg while the doctor was 150 centimeters tall, which  normally  the weight. should not exceed 50 kg.

After  Dr.Somrudee  and her researching team got the  successful, extracting the nutrients out off  the brown rice, she actually using it  before any one else, together with some other interesting group  Along  with  the discovering  properties of nutrients  deposited  in the brown rice. These  group of the nutrients in rice bran working  together as a team to restore back  the damaging cells in our body from the free radicals  attacked  to be healthy in a normal conditions once again.
As a family medical doctor our President  will  avoid  any consumption of foods containing the free radical.  And several types of beverages. That are rich of   substances of  free radicals. In  medical  discovery recognized that  a  free radicals, getting  into our body through food, drink, and from breathing, to attack our cells,  the same thing like the bullets, making our cells to be damaged, getting some  wear and tear all the times,  beside the other free radicls of the by product of the some small factories with in our cells to change the food into the energy for cells itself and our organs Making our cells to degeneration, seriosly to make a tumor  and cancer and other disceases of varios kinds
So the innovation of time reversing   our President and her  team  discovered  12 years ago, continuously helps to take care of her health  making her to look much younger The people who watch the Tong Hua channel, our sattltelite TV,  on every Wednesday afternoon, there is a live on meetting the doctor's program To educate the interesting group, how to take care themself  of any sickness She herself confirmed the current age at 54 years And at same time she shown her old picture took with her twin sister at 14 years old Beside that  she told the public that, in the near future, she is going to reverse her age down to  most likely as her 14 years old in that picture
From the last 10 years, she continuously has been taking the rice bran, reversing her age down at 20 years at lease, which many people who saw her now, agreed to what they saw Pior to trial for a volunteers or patients in her free clinic for 3 years to  provide the medical treatment of normal medicines plus rice bran. To enhance  the patients  to recover  much  faster  than using  the medicines alone.
In the medical community has discovered that every 11month The total  cell in our  body have been changing to a new generation.  Even the bone  Consequently, the new cells generation  will be younger and crisp, if the old ones are in a very good condition free  from the attacking  by the free radicals On the prevention basis the innovation of time reversing will have the big role on the protection of cells from the free radicals, in case you take enough amount  to balancing  with the free radicals your body has to deal with Or the coming in and out of  the free radicals are the same amouth, to keep your cells safe from any attacked Beside the rice bran, the company has just  finished the new  research, top up to the rice bran amta oryza to the new product, the Torbo Ryz  and some other, those will enhance the good health's lover to get a younger result May be  our President got more products that are in the state of researching more and more to support her declaration on TV recently  Any way we have to wait a few more years to follow up what the President of our company told  the audience  recently Could she get  a  time  reversing  another  20  years more?
If  the audience  notice. During the doctor standing spoke about 2 hours on live television.  And answering more questions behind  the camera another half an hour.  Just standing on two legs in a  very stable, with out any oscillate back and forth No difference  with a fairy doll  is standing and keep  talking for  the TV's fan club I  wonder if any one at  20 years of age,  can keep standing in front of the camera like her.
Beyond the confirmation of our President in front of the audience recently to reversing down her time 20 years more, close to her  photo, shown a  14 -years -old girl It will be impossible, if she don't have the innovation of the time reversing  from the on coming new researches  of more products Which should extremely convinced her to claim that announcement to the public.
There should be many researches of the innoations of time reversing to back up the very highly confident to our President For the 1st step of rice bran the amata oryza gave her a reversing time about 20 years, consequently, a reversing time of 20 years more might  be the normal thing of her new innovation  The main thing is to fight back to all free radicals totally  from the human body That is the big change to our society.
Now  the medical community accepted that. If we get people the optimum health care. To free from diseases encroachment, People can afford a long life  up to 200-250 years in  good health. This is an example in Tibetan and Chinese.

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