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Aibiznet public company  has been started  the  network  business from the  research of  the rice bran  to a success 12 years ago, with a cold extraction process. To cherish the many valuable nutrients  in rice bran oil, needed for all lifes and to the mankinds. It is deplorable that the young generation over the past hundred years discovered the rice mill

The rice mill  separated  and polishing out almost all of the brown rice and  the embryo, that  covers   the starchy endosperm,  for the purpose of  the animals' food industrial The white rice, the people are eating every day, it is only providing  the energy supplying  to  human strength, lacking of cells repairingThe natural nutrients are not enough to repair the degeneration of cells in our  body.  Consequently, physical weakness caused  by a number of diseases.  And also from toxic plants, fruit and vegetables, air and water are increasing more and more. Actually need more budget to cure than the living style of the old people, who stayed closed to the nature with fresh brown rice every day 

Dr. Somrudee has been patented  the production  of Rice bran of her research of rice bran, a well known around the world Evenly  a widespread  in the internet circle, through the countries that  has no paddy production

Recently the Queen Sirikit mentioned about the useful of the rice bran, published in Time Magazine and the Newsweek on her Birth's Day, August 12th, 2009 The Thai patients knew for 10 years the Aibiznet's rice bran using  together with medicines to cure Aids people with a satisfactory result. The interesting party can visit  them here.

In addition to the patented rice bran product     The company has got many associated of rice bran products and cosmatics containing rice bran Those are the kits for aibiznet distributors, using them to expand their net work more and more all the times, together with our free sub-domain of  this site Finally comes up to a revenue at  2-3  million  baht  per code monthly.  Studying  more here.

New business men get better opportunities than the old one, now our  e-commerce  system has already  completed.  The company is expanding its business networks in many countries around the world.  Most Thai people have to catch up with our your President's policies quite close. The movement to improve the way of  business era with a relatively very fast.  As she  mentioned in her resume,  if she has got 100 % or up to 1,000 % the opportunity to do her best business for the public to the staffs and her own, she willing to do it for the best..  To help improving the people's healthy the same as the old generation did. Which they cooked the rice in most different way compare to the present one The present generation will say no, we can't do that, you still have another option, to use the aibiznet's products to save your times with most effective results of our new technology of the world class standards, to help every family to save  a lot more  money,  more likely  to  the old  age period.

The nutrients in rice bran oil,     are  the key  ones that  the body uses to repair the wear and tear of the cells all over our body  Also including various hormones,  to help the consumers have better concentration, and relax  with natural  hormones  to get a sound sleep Activatting your body to provide the growth hormone to repair the damaging cells during your are sleep. Helping  cells repair  in the body. The  genuine  rice bran  of the aibiznet has both physical and psychological benefits.  Much better than the old people eating the  brown rice  due to the advanged food processing, to keep most of the nutrients stay completely in every 500mg. capsule The one who appreciated  our high standard of rice bran production should not miss a dailly consumption  along with the normal meals.

Therefore, business men who prefer this section, food supplements and the health beautiful  are the products that are essential to all of lifes, today  most of the people cannot return to prepare and eating brown rice pounding themselves every day, as  no  more as in the past So it is a good  occasion to help them to get  more healthy life with a  moderate expences  or eating for free, if they prefer. The more they know about their problems, and know the nature curing from a paddy nutrients  to keep them healthy, the more they need from the distubutors.

Many people  may not have the overall national health. More information is available here.

What  we has mentioned above,                 should provide an overview of the business in food supplements, needed to support the everyone health. In view of the family medicine doctor as our President. The company apparently well prepared for this type of health business, is ready for the mission in this catagory for your firm net work in a very near future.

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