Worked in the designing team on the facilities for the Thaklee Airforce base, temporary the American base. And worked with CDC from Boston in project Planning of the storm drainage system  overall the city of Bangkok, DrPlaeuy Ungpakorn the project President. Managing the roads construction, high rise building of 18-storey, the bank's head office, with the pioneer 2-layer under ground cars park, the controversial  topic among the engineers ,worrying about the successful of the construction deep into the very soft Bangkok clay, and designed 7 storey building, and other small scale buildingsPlanning  and suppervised the hangars  erection for the fighting Russian-jets with in the Eraqi airforce bases, totally  15-places around the country.  Just finished before the Eraqi's war with  Iran
The highway shoulder through the desert here, will  have a deep groove along the road, approximately 1 meter deep, wide enough to drive the car down to play safe from a desert strong sand storm.  Not designed for the drainage purposes.  Practicing in Thailand, for a depression instead, or Ketsana typhoon At that time, one Eraqi's Denar currency equal to Thaibaht 60, hardly compare to the present time at all. It is a pity and shame enough to all Eraqi people to suffer the American warmaker, on the acquisition purpose of oil under the Eraqi's land
Temporary stay of work, to take the trips to attend the international symposium, concerning the civil engineering work with many world experts, the professional from several countries to present their valuable researches And took the observation tours, the shipbuilding dock yards  of Mitsubishi  amd visited the amazing marine engines factories, and playing golf at some championship and private golf courses in several countries around the world, with first class flights and the accomerdation thru the trips Collecting along the construction standards for the championship golf courses, and field data around the world with a buddy Senator After coming back, to start the construction management of 90-hole championship courses in various  provinces Those had been designed by the famous golfers of the world And keep studying from top 10-professional golfers of the world and practicing to lower down to zero handicap Having the opportunity to work together with a specialist team of Thai and U.S. in the agricultural technique. 
For trouble shooting of salty solf marine clay,close to the sea and for the old plots of ucarliptus growing, to wake up the old deteriorated soil To improving the soil for a glorious grass and plant within the luxury golf courses once again To cultivate and know how to solve the deteriorated land to be a healthy nutrient soil for grasses and plants throughout the golf courses Accumerating  the experiences in a variety of agricultural information Promoting the old knowledge of the biology science, studied in the preuniversity school period, that has not been thougth before, one day ahead it will be part of the mission helping to release the Thai farmers' debt all over the country.