Mr. Saroch Boonthong, who is dedicated  for a 13 years long of researches to get the wonderful reality for the farmers in the N-Function system in about 80 districts all over Thailand for the past 2 years,  joining  to   the e-commerce  system  with  the aibiznet.   We have proactively worked together with our brother farmers with an honest  and sincere, the same way as our relatives

With the new innovation in agriculture,  with the mineral food enzymes that all plants needed  for  the exellence life cycle. The N-Function system can stores up the energy  for plants  up to 1 month with the environment  friendly The application of N-Function is spraying on top down to the bottom, after half an hour, the photosysnthesis can take place right away We have been providing  a very cheap, premium grade products  for a minimum production cost  of  farmers, helping them to get the debt releasing more efficiency.

We use the Atomic Biotechnology  to scale down the big lump of fertilizer to the concentrated admixture of  50 ml. each set After the dilution, the farmers can spray up to the area  of  5-6 rai (about 2 hectares) Saving cost of any transportation around the country, with fast and easy to apply at any time in every season  Consequently,  our farmers can decide the exact time to harvest their crops on the midst of maximum marketing demand.

After the farmers had been using the N-Function  for one corp, they shall get used to the wonderful corp, they had never expected before. Frankly speaking,  they have no chance  to try such  innovation like our N-Function system before, in his life time So before the harvest, they called our staffs to visit  their farms quickly, to appreciate what they get, and  need every body to see the products they got, it  is very wonderful,  with good taste and a very bright luster and color, and lots of weight too.

We are tolerant, the effect of surprise from our brother farmers. Who has  never experienced  before in their whole life of  The  Atomic Technology, in our N-Function system,  working most likely  the agricultural nuclear,  fully back up with energy  for  any  plants' cycle of growth continuously To help shorten up their harvest period, also help them to get a smooth  production beside the cool season , most of the plants will slow down all activities The N-Function can make a new phenomenon, keep the farmers income flowing in as usual, through the cool season, like in the north region of Thailand

To save your time for those who are interested to be a business owner with the ainews1 and the aibiznet, to generate the monthly income 2-20 million baht/family We provide a total business catagolies here, we have many successful business freinds, who are ready to share some satisfactory level, you can meet them here