The aibiznet head Office

How this company has been started.

The e-commerce system of the aibiznet works together with the N-Function's supplyer for almost 2 years, our brother farmers in more than 80 District has got the better chance to use the N-Function system to help them  of debt releasing, successfully Total energy putting  in the N-Function by the Atomic Biotechnology is exactly the environmental friendly, during the application or among the finished products. The   is the official website.

The 13 years in researching  of  Mr. Saroch Boonthong dedicated to Thai farmers  lowering  the production cost, instead of carry on the task alone,  he match up with the big e-commerce marketing of the aibiznet plc. followed the same idea to reduce the production cost to Thai farmers, and simultanousely, raising up the premium grade qulity products in every season, opened up new  option to our farmers to select the most  economic period  to harvest  their products at the optimum time of the marketing demand Offering  them a speeding up many times of debt releasing. 

Beside many websites in many laguages, and one channel of sattlelite TV, and  another 200 more local cable TV stations,  our President still has been travelling around the Country, sacrificing with a patience in long journey  to many parts of Thailand to host a seminar  regulary  to our new business man and a new interesting groups.

The patened company's product, the Amata Oriza, a rice bran, researched by Dr. Somruedee Auersudkij and her colleques 12 years before, started the industrial production to export 7 years ago, to Europe, and new Zealand and Australia Later on after finished the experiment within the clinic with a very good result,after organized  with the normal medicines, the clients came to normal condition much faster than using only the medicines From the past 6 years, our President started the direct marketing, to help the clients to get  the Amata Oriza  free, by  telling about rice bran to their friends, they them self are using to cure their problems successfully, or getting better and better And our President set up quite  good compensation plan, to pay the commission up to 60 % And   the  members can buy the company shares at par values

The name Amata International had changed to Aibiznet plc once the expansion to many more countries using  the e-commerce system We follows the local laws very strictly, and in Thailand our auditing system has been hooked up to the the Revenue Office for more than 5 years, paying the commercial tax every week, the same time we paid off  the distributors' commissions To enhance our distributor to have the smooth cash flow to run their business.

Beyond many options of business catagolies, introduced by this site, our President designed one  extra option  for both a  business and  the moral  promoting  to our young childsthe Grateful Childs Project.  In this project any child  who got  the email address can get the nominate  to register at only 100 baht online, and starts the business right away, and simultanously registered their parent to the aibiznet system, the child keeps on his own business, larger and larger, finally their parent will also get the commission, this way of practice promoting the child to sacrifice themself  to their parents every day, it is one of the most valuable way to practice, the reccommended by the Lord of Bhudha This type of practice yields a high of  flow of the good result, feeding back to the child to the embracing prosperity in their life Consequently, this Project yields both  the income and the moral promotion and enhancing the personel prosperity. 

Top up  to above project the ainews1 provides more service to enhance  our childrens  to get a better grade in learning, to help them know the way, how to open up their  own  mind CPU, once they knowed, our childrens could find out  from the universe more, to get any wisdom they want, and the ainews1 got another one project to bring our childs in all over  districts in the Country  to be the Youth Leaders in tiny version.  Warren Buffet  started  his own business since 11 years old,  now Thai  boy  got  his email  at 9 years old, use  the internet  to submit  his home work to the teachers, why don't they waste  any more time, we are ready  to provide  more easy steps for them to walk up step by step, with  a good studying result  too, to train and supervise them to be the Youth leaders in the district, helping the farmers to get their debt releasing more details...

There is a very importance target  for our ainews1's team should appreciate, we will open up the secret  for our businessman   know how to set up, and organize  their net work to a  very successful, there are some techniques how to manage the company's  compensation plan, to accumurate and maximize the profit  with in each  person net work, enhancing them to grow with firm and quick, it's sure the upline need to sacrifice on that  promotion  for our new coming teams for the short  and  the long term as well So over here it is a good chance  to start  a private  family business with ainews1 and the aibiznet plc with some shares holder in the company To work together on the basis of sincerity, honestly, with the passion to the mankind.

Our site welcome every body to visit from time to time, eventhrough not for a business  purpose, we provide many things, every life needs, not  only  for their body and health, we provide more knowledges for their  minds too, by our an expert  team  for  free on the  telephone line and through the internet, and  will be more and more information to up date frequently, especially in our web board.