Following instructions. No pros in the world who analyzes the natural golf  swing like this before.

(It will be the basic golf swing to encourage interested parties to test their training for free).

This is due to the collection, analysis and practicing. Based on the following principles.Practice of golf swing since 1972 and follow-up  golf swing analysis of top-ten world professional golfers eventually together with playing on the championship courses around the world.

And came back to managed the Championship golf courses of 90-holes in Thailand, designed by the world famous golfer, such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer. And gradually minimized my  handicap to zero.

The circumstances concerning the golf swing shall be as follows:

  • Mind concentation.
  • Muscles utilising and the balancing forces in the engineering theory.
  • Under stand the anatomy's function.
  • Maintain and balance of power in every plain of swing.
  • Using all the muscles through out the body to work together into one unit on every golf swing, even through putting.
  • Developing the maximun centrifugal force out of the mucles in the natural maner.
  • Using the eyes technic.

Exercise to hover golf clubs The natural holding  or hover the clubs, concerning the exertion of muscles in the hand and arm of the golfer. (Will focus here on a training, before the new effort to bend the spine from the head to buttock. A most likely to be a straight line as in the picture when the head is bent forward. Checking by holding the golf club in both hands top and bottom to attach along your spine, head and the buttock, and remember this configuration with in your mind throug every hovering any golf club evnthrough the putter on the green, praciticing until it looks like one of your natural posture for golf swing.) Taking some pictures front view and side view to compare with the professional in the left hand side picture. The amateur and the profession can do the same thing, when we realize it.

As you hold the golf grip in the bottom zone of 4 left hand fingers with left thumb placing  right on top of the grip, take the right pinkie to hold the grip next to the left middle finger, tied to the left forefinger, concentrate the grip to be hold in the inch base of the right hand, the right pinkie transfix between the middle and forefinger of the right hand.

The middle finger down to the pinkie of right hand to control the grip to make the golf club stable (the blade not allow to deviate). The right forefinger acts like a hook to pull up the weight of golf club's head floating up from the lawn, at the same time, the left hand push down the grip's end in the same amount of force of the right handThe triangle of forces in this plane shall be in balance.

As you feel the actions in both hands, both arms shall be straight enough from the shoulder downward, and the alignment of shoulder has to be straight too The reaction in the trianle 0f forces is just enough to counter balance the action force due to the weight of golf club only, it is going to vary on the length and weight of golf club the triangle of force and golf club are in the position to start the back swing. So every golf club use the same basic to hover the club, from the putter to the driver.

While you are hovering golf club, you can jump inch of right hand thumb, with out losing the stability, to prove that the right thumb has a very gentle action during you hover the golf club. Before the end of back swing, the thumb will push up the grip  preventing the club head  falling down 

Back to the position of the little finger of right hand, inserted between the index finger and the middle finger of left hand for a reinforcing of two hands, working as the same unit  throughout the swing. Both  palms press together as one unit to the entire swing. For the right hovering of golf club, for the sake of natural grip holding, no tilting up or down of the wrists, or rotating, they are looking naturally straight  to the same style as you hang  your arms along your  body sides. This conditon shall be adopted to the level of your waist on back and dowm swing.

Consequently, hovering of golf club in the same style of the professional golfer, there are many factors for the beginner to understand, and really access of how to hover golf club right to the nature of  your whole muscles add up to the golf club to form up the radius of the centrifugal force from  your shoulders to the club head

When you're the beginner to practicing a golf swing. You are hardly know what is happening in your hands, your arms, your shoulders, your spine, your buttock, and your legs, and finally your feetTo  understand the nature of hovering  the golf clubs, that seems not natural for the beginning, and it is difficult to know the truth clearly inside the body of the professional golfer.  Frequent and persistent practice could build up a good habit  golf players.  To be naturally as the good professional. 

When you  hang both arms from your shoulder, press both palms together, extending forward, and hovering the grip as explained above, adjust the shoulder look straight, applied the forces to make the triangle of force in balancing  in both arms and shoulder. The triangle is ready to rotate in back swing And at the same time the forces in the vertical plane, at right angle to your chest shall be in vertical  equilibrium  conditions too  Push and pull is the same in each  arm.  And equal pressure on your shoulder line.  Must learn to make  your shoulder honestly straight, not the round-shouldered. Hence to make a powerful  rotation of back and down swing.

The rotation of the triangle form up by your shoulder and both arms will be easy. The neck is the central axis of rotation of a triangle at golf swing.  Imagine that you used to cut cardboard into a triangle and drill a hole near the center of the triangle base. It  was tilted parallel to the extending arms.  The rotation of the triangle can be made easy, and under our control well.  Not too steep or too flat, depending on the height and length of golf clubsThe  players must gradually tune up to find the right angle plain of the triangle to enhance the flexibility rotation to get  the most  efficiency with high stability on your legs.

You have to know the none analysis and then swing. Try to be comparable to their own understanding of the past and we will make itHover the golf clubs requires to understand  the main theories of how forces in several plains acting. Then follows closely  as a trial and error. De we our gesture close to the  players in left hand side  or to the our favourit professional golfer.

If you learn how hover the golf club  correctly, the golf swing will  be more easy and look natural, consistent with a professional golfer. Like everything if we get used to it, but it 's strange that, the golf amateur  has not so many to  reach a professional golfe.  And more  body accident may occure more often. When playing in the wrong key of the anatomy, which you can find the details  on the internet. Command system will cross each other, such as from left foot to right hand side, and right foot to left hand side, etc.. The system from our brain to control the whole body organ. concerning our  body balancing over the golf swing and putting.

We provide natural training.  So carefully study to  understanding. And access real story. To know the  response to what  we have to prepare.  Try to monitor the write off of the ball on the tee of the world's leading pro.  And  know how to copy to do well like them.  When you try to capture any golf clubs.

What we talked about concerning above the waist, we need to discuss more down to the feet to support the upper body to generate the maximun tee short, or how to hit the ball hard on next page....