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Within all cells of the whole body, there are 2 characters:

1   Use  the food components as chemicals to feed all cells

2   Keep the energy and use of energy for the functions of all cells

So if we have energy in the body, it is kept in all of the cell groups of the whole body. But we dont know how to transfer the energy to keep the balance of the body and also we dont know the way to add up the energy to all cells of the whole body too.

Activating ElectroMagnetic Cellular Energy [AEMCE]  is the most important method in Popatas Theory. It is the way to transfer energy to all cells effectively. This can prevent the short circuit of electromagnetic cellular energy within all cells of whole body This is the way to practice controlling microchip at the back of the head. This microchip only transfers the energy but not keep the energy. This is the most important key worker to order each cell in all cell groups to send the signals to each cell groups to increase or decrease the energy.

If you practice AEMCE 10 hours, your electromagnetic cellular energy will increase 50 % After 90 hours of practicing, the electromagnetic cellular energy will increase up to 70% Then you can set up the transference of the energy in the body to adjust the balance deep down to the level of red blood cells to treat the diseases by yourselves and maintain your health to be strong at all times without any medicines But this is just the beginning of this theory, there are two successes of Popatas Theory.

The first one is the success of physical health and the second one is the success in decoding the microchip electromagnetic wave to change all systems in the body including emotional, ideal, habitual and intellectual systems.

If you still practice this theory, more and more, you will reach the facts to get free from unjust deed in this world. You will become different persons who have no sufferring, no happiness, no attachment to the society, not behave like human anymore or not even behave like robots as human in this world. We will become only energy without figure, but we can change the figure as we desire to any directions of true lifes situations every minutes There are only audiovisual wave in the microchip with 3 electrical circuit poles that can be changeable both figure and status.

The Popatas Theory will teach you that the health is only the indicator of happiness and quality to live in this world. It is just the beginning with the result we will get such as status of true lifes picture, no right or wrong, gradually changing of true microchip, true human body to be the ones who have a thorough knowledge and know joy and become what I call Phenomenon.

As long as we are human beings with bone, muscle, skin, eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and soul We practice this theory to become only special or extraordinary persons But the way to become Phenomenon, we should swop with death Sometimes it is not really dead. You should persevere to practice it regularly. Then true lifes picture will happen The attainment depends on time, perseverance, non human and non  living creatures anymore.


Doctor Gan Popatas

The owner of Popatas Theory[Electromagnetic Gan Theory]: Supernatural therapy without medicine

PoPatas Theory's Practice Pictures



You can feed several programes to your microchip as you want each time... to study more pls go to this link

Any one who want to know more about Popatas Theory could give any practictioner a wonderful things, don't miss this edition by Dr. Gan,  

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