Population control?


ความลับของประเทศที่เรียกตนเองว่ามีความเจริญรุ่งเรือง ชั้นนำของโลก ที่คุณ Zeta นำมาเปิดเผย ให้ผู้ติดตามไม่หลงประเด็น

I have done a search of zeta talk, but cannot find anything about the push to put fluoride in our water supply. Why would tptb want to put this poison into our drinking water? Is it to poison us? To dumb us down? To make us more docile?

Fluoride, in small doses, helps prevent tooth decay. There are many helpful substances that man ingests in small quantities that would be poisonous in large quantities. Vitamin A is an example. So why the consistent rumors about the nation being deliberately poisoned by fluoride, to create a docile population? Studies with rats or other studies done in the lab do not use a dosage consistent in potency with what man puts into his water supply. The idea in these studies is to see where harmful effects are evident, so more is added until these harmful effects show up. Therehas been, as we have detailed, many plans by the elite to reduce or control the population. Infections spread via vaccination, a bird flu pandemic, infections spread via chemtrails, dirty nukes set off in inner cities - all this selectively reduces a populace the elite would like to see eliminated. But flouride did not work fast enough or to the degree desired, so was discarded as a means of reducing or controlling the population.

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