ความเป็นอยู่หลัง Poleshift


I read earlier here somewhere that airplane flight is a way for man to get used to space flight in due time. Did the Wright brothers have a little assistance in this from giving the call, and will Service-to-Other societies continue with this or be assisted with this using alternative forms of energy when things calm down a bit after the shift?

You are asking if man will return to his current level of technology, after the pole shift. We have stated that this will not occur. In the past, when your 3rd Density societies were to continue, with a mix of Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self and the majority being undecided young souls, technology and the pecking order you see today in society would reform. This occurred in the past, with the great cities of China disappearing, but look at China now! But this rebuilding of technology takes hundreds of years, as for the short term man is thrown back into scavenging for a living, seeking food.

For this pole shift, a Transformation process is in place, where those fully into the Service-to-Self orientation will be removed, often before their incarnation as humans has ended, and taken to prison planets to live with their own kind. They will not be returning, will not be reincarnating on Earth. Likewise the undecided in their orientation will be taken elsewhere when the Earth incarnation ends, to a water world which is in 3rd Density to be a form of octopi. This leaves only those in the Service-to-Other orientation, who will reincarnate into the hybrids. These individuals will become acquainted with ourselves, the Zetas, well before their life as a member of the human species is ended in this lifetime. They will be absorbed into our or the hybrid communities. Thus high tech will return, but not in the hands of man, so to speak. Our communities will be high tech, man alone will not be.

Anticipating ocean fishing as a food source in the Aftertime, when the volcanic gloom will be diminishing, and the difficulty of establishing agriculture, plant growth, in a changed climate was also depicted, though not for the reasons we give. Sheltered gardens in the Aftertime protect from volcanic ash fallout, not intense 

การเกษตรร่วมสมัยที่คุณ Zeta พูดถึง

Greenhouse crops will come through. Backyard gardens, tendered carefully by watchful eyes, will survive. But the large cash crops that supply crowded population centers will find little to market, and the prices will go up accordingly.

Those groups who have prepared, and are relying on themselves and their own carefully tended gardens, will not find themselves pinched between starvation and hostilities. Fortunately, the easiest produce to grow is that most economical as foodstuffs.

If vegetation survives the droughts that precede the cataclysms and the hail and firestorms and high winds that occur during the cataclysms then it must next survive an almost continual deluge and lack of sunlight. 

จะเห็นว่าเรื่องอาหารการกินเป็นเรื่องแรกเรื่องใหญ่ที่ขาดแคลน การเตรียมตัวล่วงหน้าจึงต้องเน้นในเรื่องนี้ก่อนอื่น

ส่วนความช่วยเหลือสังคมภายหลัง Pole shift ของเหล่าอีที นั้น มีเงื่อนไขดังนี้

During the Transformation, groups of humans will not be separated entirely by orientation at first. This is due to the mix of orientations in human society today, done deliberately to facilitate 3rd Density choices among humans who must decide their orientation - Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. Often, a highly Service-to-Self entity is placed to reincarnate into the arms of highly Service-to-Other parents, so that both can become familiar with their future situation, where clear polarizing of the orientations will occur. In 4th Density spiritual existence, where the orientations are separated, there is no mix except during those occasions where an engagement is agreed upon, and then those in the Service-to-Other meet highly Service-to-Self oriented entities, and vice versa. Thus, it is often deemed an education, a preparation, to mix these entities together in family or small communities, during 3rd Density life just prior to a Transformation. 

Thus, during the cataclysms, many highly Service-to-Other families or small communities may find they have a highly Service-to-Self child among them, or someone of this orientation who is physically dependent upon them in some way. Do they cast these young children or dependents aside, in order to become a fully Service-to-Other group? This is in conflict with the nature of those in the Service-to-Other, especially as there can be no certainty that the child or dependent person has truly decided on a Service-to-Self path. What if they are undecided, dithering, and abandonment would push them in the wrong direction? The Service-to-Other human wants to establish a tone of hope and caring, for all in the group. Should these individuals be punished, during the Aftertime, living in desperate circumstances without help from high tech hybrid communities, only because they are caring for some who are not fully Service-to-Other?

There are rules visitors and hybrid communities are under, set by the Council of Worlds to ensure that the Transformation proceeds apace and is not delayed unnecessarily. The line where visitors or a community of hybrids can assist their human neighbors, or not, is determined by who controls the community of humans. We will give examples.

  • If the community is led of a consensus of the adults, the majority of whom are Service-to-Other, assistance can be given. This community might include some highly self-focused adults, perhaps with young children whom those in the Service-to-Other orientation feel responsible for, and thus tolerate the adults parents for the sake of the children. However, these self-focused adults do not rule, or even influence, the course of affairs in the community.
  • If the community is so mixed as to have as its leadership undecided adults, who are as prone to listen to self-focused arguments as arguments with a strong Service-to-Other motive, they cannot be given assistance. This line is drawn as these communities would then gain strength, which would surely be misused by those in the Service-to-Self in the group, who would take any high tech assistance to further their power over others. Worse yet, this high tech advantage would be used to conquer other groups of humans.

After the Transformation, those in the Service-to-Self do have high tech advantage, but they are strictly quarantined from those in the Service-to-Others. This is controlled by the Council of Worlds, and prevents those in the Service-to-Self from conquering those they would make as their slaves. But during the Transformation process, where mixing can occur and frequently does occur, such a strict separation is not possible. Thus, where leadership is not under a Service-to-Other motive, these communities cannot have a technological advantage outside of that currently achieved in human society.


สำหรับผู้ที่กำลังทำงานตั้งเนื้อตั้งตัว และยังมีภาระหนี้สินที่ยังต้องคอยกังวลนั้น มีข้อมูลอนาคตจากคุณ Zeta บ่งชี้เอาไว้ในเรื่องของเศรษฐกิจ หลังโลกย้ายขั้ว จะไม่มีสังคมเศรษฐกิจแบบทาสแบบเดิมอีกต่อไป ทุกคนเป็นไทกับชีวิตที่ยังเหลืออยู่เท่าๆกัน ในชนบทอยู่กันเป็นกลุ่มย่อย อยู่กินแบบพอเพียงเท่านั้น

After the pole shift, it will not matter, and there will be no banks and no way to collect debts.