Passes Triangle

เงื่อนไขหนึ่งของการปรากฏตัวของ Planet X จะมาสร้างรูปสามเหลี่ยม บน Ecliptic แล้วเกิดขบวนการต่างๆกับโลกและดวงอาทิตย์ พาให้โลกย้ายขั้วปรับสมดุลพลังงานโลกใหม่นั้น มีรายละเอียดดังต่อไปนี้

If Planet X is positioned between the Earth and Sun sufficiently to cause gyrations such the Severe Wobble through to the 6 Days of Sunrise West, then how does it move to the right sufficiently to create the Point of Passage triangle? Today we see Planet X on SOHO on occasion, so it is not that far to the right in the line of view. What is the dynamic during the weeks of slowing rotation that creates the triangle? [and from another] ../index/zeta554.htm At first, the triangle will not be formed, until after the 3 days of darkness. When the slowing rotation begins the Earth is pulled toward Planet X. [and from another]../ning/03jy2010.htm Early in the ZetaTalk saga we gave what is known as the passage triangle, describing where Planet X, the Earth, and the Sun would be at the Point of Passage. We also gave a statement during the search for Planet X in the night skies on how close the Earth and Planet X would come to each other at the point of passage -14 million miles. We have also stated that the Earth is drawn in toward Planet X during the week of rotation stoppage, by some 30 million miles. But we did not state that the Earth was drawn 30 million miles closer to the Sun. What is not clear is where Planet X is during this drama. Today, Planet X is within the orbit of Venus, so clearly it will make progress prior to the last week. But Planet X is to the side, so the movement toward Planet X is not directly toward the Sun. It is toward a Planet X which is far to the right!

The gyrations of the Earth during the Severe Wobble, the static Lean to the Left, the 3 Days of Darkness, and the 6 Days of Sunrise West are all due to Planet X approaching in its retrograde orbit. This places Planet X somewhat to the right of the Earth in the top-down view from above the solar system, though not directly between the Earth and Sun. At this point, Planet X is still within the orbit of Venus, and has all 3 planets within the cup before it. During the gyrations, both Venus and the Dark Twin escape the cup, so Planet X finds it can move forward, outbound from the Sun, more expeditiously thereafter. It comes between the orbit of Venus and the orbit of Earth now. Both the Earth and Planet X have assumed the upright position, so are assuming the side-by-side position that planetary magnets, or magnets in general, can assume. However, this position does not allow a close proximity! The Earth once again scuttled back in her orbit, as far as possible given that she is still trapped in the eddy flow cup and nudged forward in her orbit by the sweeping arms of the Sun. Thus Planet X now appears in the skies as closer, larger, and definitely to the right of the Sun. It is at this point that the Point of Passage triangle is assumed, due to the motion of Planet X outbound. Earth does not leave her orbit, but Planet X moves outbound to the point where it is 14 million miles from Earth.