Complete sinking of Sunda Plate

The Zetas have said that the 7 of 10 will receive acceleration at some moment, and timeline will be overtaken. Here my Q is, what should occur that it could begin acceleration? Yes, I understand that the Sunda Plate, the Philippine/Mariana Plates till now in movement, and termination of their adjustment is point for acceleration, perhaps? But seems that here maybe there is something yet? Of course, I also understand that the Zetas can't tell more than is allowed. 

Although we have sequenced the 7 of 10 scenarios, there is great interplay between the scenarios. What has occurred to date is that India tilted sideways so that its western border lost 10 feet in elevation along the Indus River valley. This occurred first, in the Fall of 2010, and was followed promptly on December 23, 2011 by the start of the sinking of the Sunda Plate holding Indonesia. The third scenario was the folding of the Philippine and Marian plates, which was evident by February 16, 2011 from heaping water recorded by buoys in the area. India meanwhile continued its dive under the Himalayas, so that Pakistan and Bangladesh are now being inundated with sea water, and the eastern coast of Australia and New Zealand has frequently shown evidence of lifting, with rivers backwashing inland. India's dive will continue apace, throughout, and is not a 7 of 10 scenarios, per se. 

Did the sinking of the Sunda Plate complete, just because the Philippine and Mariana plates started folding? We have stated that the Sunda Plate will complete its sinking by the time the S American roll is at its peak, but not before. The folding of the Philippine and Mariana plates also must be almost complete before the S American roll can accelerate. And all of this has been held back to date by plate undulation which caused plate jamming such that there was a temporary delay in Asia. Northern Luzon island in the Philippines seemed exempt from flooding earlier, as it lay on the Philippine Plate, but recently has begun to sink along with the rest of the Philippine Islands. The Philippine Plate is obviously no longer jammed. Meanwhile, the Pacific has been compressing, though this was not given a 7 of 10 scenario number because it is a chronic situation, contributing to the plate movements but not central to the plate movements. 

So during the 7 of 10 scenarios in Asia, number 1 (India tilt) has completed, number 2 (Sunda Plate sink) began and is poised to complete, and number 3 (Philippine Plate fold) has barely begun. Number 3 is likely to complete hand-in-hand with number 2 rather suddenly at a time when the Indio-Australia Plate lifts and plunges under the Himalayas. This would be at a time when the Earth wobble switches about violently. The Earth is in a magnetic dance with Planet X, which is causing it to switch into opposition at times, pointing its N Pole at the Sun, then suddenly back to attempting to hide its N Pole from Planet X. Scenario number 4, the S American roll, has been evident since early Spring, 2011 with crumbling along the North Andes fault line and pressure along the spine of the Andes. This will peak during the time when the Asian scenarios are completing, almost hand-in-hand. We are not allowed to give a timeline on how quickly the African Plate's drop will follow, nor how quickly adjustments in the Northern Hemisphere will follow this drop.