European being Stretched

Turkey Sinkhole

There is lots of evidence that Europe is being stretched. In a swath from the coastline of Norway through the Denmark straits to the    Sea of Azov mud volcanoes there have been incidents, and the singing reservoirs in Kiev and Belarus are due to the stretch also. Now a dramatic sinkhole has opened up in Turkey, horrifying in its depth, with other sinkholes in the region. 

Massive Sinkhole Appears Overnight
January 1, 2012
A massive sinkhole suddenly appeared overnight on January 1 in Gelik district of Zonguldak city. The sinkhole is about 30 meter deep and 15 meter wide.
Russian Toddler Dies in Bryansk Pavement Collapse
January 9, 2012
A toddler in Bryansk in western Russia has died after falling through a hole that opened up as his mother took him for a walk. The pavement gave way because of a burst hot-water pipe.