The  After Time Situation

What's up with both Google and Apple locating 2 of the world's most massive new data centers within 30 miles of one another in a backwoods region of North Carolina? There were/are, indeed, low cost electrical power, tax and land incentives to attract both of these fierce Internet & IT technology industry competitors. However, it seems more than coincidental that both of these massive data centers - which, in effect, constitute the construction of the largest new Internet backbone node in the entire United States - were purpose built in a distinctly non-techie, rural and relatively unknown and sparsely populated area of North Carolina. At locations about 100 miles distance from the ZT recommended 100 mile outer danger boundary marker of and at 700+ foot altitudes above the ZT projected 200 foot altitude impact of any Pole Shift related east coast tsunami. Plus both of these locations are at least 225+ feet above the ZT projected 675 foot altitude Pole Shift Aftermath flood zone in North Carolina. And it connects to Virginia, the geographical left hand seat of U.S. political power! Would ZT care to comment if these moves merely represent a forcing function of cutting edge industry economics and competitive strategy factors - OR - if these maneuvers are disguised strategies to deal with the potential adverse impact of Pole Shift. Damage to the corporate influence and control of information flow in the AfterTime of two of America's most important information technology and data/media networking companies. Ergo control of the population in the AfterTime via control of the information flow (Google for information control and Apple for controlled entertainment of the populous)?

A graphical map representation of the U.S. IP (Internet) backbone shows that the major east coast backbone route links the major Internet node of Atlanta to the major Internet node of Virginia/Washington, D.C. Hickory, NC is about midway along this route between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Both Maiden and Lenoir, the rural hosts for these massive new data centers, are located within 20 miles of Hickory, NC. The elevation of Maiden, NC is 899 feet and it is located approximately 180 miles from its nearest eastern coastline at Myrtle, South Carolina. The elevation of Lenoir, NC is 1182 feet and at its closest reach is located about 210 miles from the east coast.

These two companies are quite obviously aggressive competitors who need to differentiate their strategies, it seems quite coincidental and statistically implausible that these competitors would choose to almost co-locate within 30 miles of one another in a backwoods, non-techie, sparsely populated and relative unknown region of North Carolina near the base of the Appalachian mountains. Are these maneuvers related to the mounting necessity of the government and the elite to locate massive data centers in a Pole Shift safe region of North Carolina that is far enough away from and high enough to avoid damage from a tsunami effecting the east coast, as well as provide elevation safety from the 675 foot high future sea level within 2 years of the Pole Shift?

The wealthy elite have long considered North Carolina an ideal spot for their pole shift enclaves. As much as we preach that the world's infrastructure will go down and not come back, this arrogant crowd thinks otherwise. They are prepared to rebuild the world's Internet from the backwoods of North Carolina, with massive databases filled with cached data from which websites lost elsewhere in the world can be rebuilt. They are presuming that hydroelectric power can be gotten from the many streams and the rapid drop in elevation in many places in the Appalachian mountains. Where all of this is true, all structures will sustain damage in the magnitude 9 quakes striking worldwide. Surfing the Internet will be the last thing on anyone's mind in the aftermath of the horror. The estates of the rich will be shattered and collapsed, the servants run off, the guards getting uppity, food stocks being pillaged by animals and looters, and reports from elsewhere around the world bringing news that elsewhere, it is no better. Then our description of the broken link whereby technology will not return applies. Electricity will come from generators, which will run out of fuel quickly. The assumption that the US government would establish supply lines quickly will meet reality when the military either does not show up or shows up with demands to be fed and housed. Google and Yahoo will be just another death as a result of the pole shift.

อ่านการวิเคราะห์สถานการณ์วิบัติกาลของโลกแล้ว นึกถึง Neutral Zone ที่ท่านครูบาอินทร ท่านเจ้าอาวาสของวัดสันป่ายางหลวงพูดถึง หากใครที่อยู่ให้สถานที่ดังกล่าว คงจะได้ตระหนักได้ด้วยตนเอง...อาคารที่พักของตนจะแตกหักพังลงมาหรือไม่ อย่างไรก็ดีก็เตรียมๆเต๊นท์สนามเผื่อๆเอาไว้บ้างก็ดี

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